Blind Date with a Book and Stepping Out of Your Favorite Genre

There’s no doubt that many of us have done it. We read a certain book, and it refreshes, excites, and motivates. It’s only natural that we move on to another book by the same author, or at least in the same genre. And before we know it, we’re stuck in one genre. Adults seem to have this problem more than children, who tend to be … Continue reading Blind Date with a Book and Stepping Out of Your Favorite Genre

Reasons to Return

Some people define themselves as “re-readers”, always finding reasons to come back to the same stories again and again. Others just don’t see the point. However, there may be a number of reasons why re-reading an old favorite might make for a better reading experience. 1.¬†They make for a comfortable read.¬† Books can be challenging, thought-provoking, troubling, hilarious – but let’s face it, sometimes you … Continue reading Reasons to Return

Studying Green at BookMarx

One of the great things we at BookMarx get to experience is being host to Franciscan students come to write papers, study for exams, or go through class notes. We love to provide them with a comfortable environment to do their schoolwork, because we know how important it is to have a good place to study. Something that may be just as helpful for your … Continue reading Studying Green at BookMarx

Contrast Assignment: A Writer Submission

by Kitty Ferguson I am sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of the Paradise Hotel, taking in the night sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach. Radios are blaring. Car and trucks motors are revving up as they cruise up and down the boulevard. Young children are screaming and squealing with delight as they run around a busy parking garage. Cars have to … Continue reading Contrast Assignment: A Writer Submission

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

The New Year is still new, and resolutions are still being resolved! One thing that frequently makes an appearance on a resolution list? Learning a new language. Studying a foreign language can be daunting! Even if you have some fuzzy memories of that Spanish 101 class back in high school, you might feel intimidated at the thought of tackling it all again. One of the … Continue reading Sprechen Sie Deutsch?