Wordsworth Editions

I took a visit a few months ago to what might be Ohio’s most successful bookshop – the Book Loft in Columbus. Nestled into Columbus’s (lovely) German Village neighborhood is one of America’s largest bookshops – 500,000 books stuck into every possible nook and cranny across multiple floors. It’s a place you can get lost in – a booklover’s dream. The Book Loft sells new … Continue reading Wordsworth Editions

Chesterton Graduation Card

We mentioned that we would be adding more Chesterton cards over time. We’re happy to announce the G. K. Chesterton Graduation card! A full-sized 5″x7″ card, it features Chesterton’s grin on the front – showing off his rather terrible teeth. Written on the front of the card is Chesterton’s line: “Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger…” And inside the card, Chesterton … Continue reading Chesterton Graduation Card

First Friday Event: The Unlost Generation

Bookmarx Books Presents The First of our First Friday Literary Events! “THE UNLOST GENERATION” We tend to think of the 1920s as the time of “the Lost Generation,” writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Joyce and Woolf—writers shaped by World War I and known for their particularly bleak world view. But World War I and the 1920s gave birth to another group of writers—the “Unlost Generation” … Continue reading First Friday Event: The Unlost Generation

The Healing Land

Beth (gesturing) and Shawn Dougherty from The Healing Land speak about how to feed your family from your own land, the last of a four-part series of lectures at Leonardo’s. Always committed to strengthening local ties, the Dougherties sell their books at Bookmarx, and have helped to curate our collection of homesteading books. Beth, Shawn, and lots of other local homesteaders will be running a … Continue reading The Healing Land


We’ve been in the shop for just about three weeks now, and we’re starting to feel confident enough to start experimenting a bit more. We’ve expanded some of our bargain sections in order to put things in the hands of people who might be interested in them. We have a bookcase of bargain books, with all books being three dollars and under (magnets too): We … Continue reading Bargains

Ohio Valley Map Pillow

We’ve added another item to our inventory: an Ohio Valley map pillow. It’s another way of contributing to the “love where you live” theme of recent years. The map features Steubenville, Weirton, Bergolz, Wintersville, Burgettstown, Toronto – pretty much all the places our customers come in from. Custom made for us by Daisy Mae Designs, an Etsy shop based in Columbus, Ohio, the pillows are … Continue reading Ohio Valley Map Pillow

A Change of Seasons for Raven

Here at Bookmarx the most reliable sign of the change of seasons is our cat Raven. In winter, the only heat in our building is electric baseboard – not great for bookcases, and hence unusable in our shop. That’s why you see the propane heaters scattered around the shop from fall through spring. And during those months, that’s where you’ll find Raven – sprawled out … Continue reading A Change of Seasons for Raven

Chesterton Greetings

Announcing the Chesterton Greetings series, available only at Bookmarx! These are greeting cards featuring the ever-quotable and interesting Gilbert Keith Chesterton, the wise and prolific twentieth century author. Chesterton Greetings are not just a way to show your love for “the apostle of common sense” – they’re a way of supporting local business in the Ohio Valley. All the cards are designed here at Bookmarx … Continue reading Chesterton Greetings