The Fireman: A Fahrenheit 451 Fanfiction

My first task was to follow the Fireman. He took the same path each day, cutting through the park, then up Harrison Avenue with a sharp left toward the fire station. He smoked as he walked, which seemed appropriate — burning paper flying into the air behind him. It was a challenge to blend into the dull landscape — or would have been, if the … Continue reading The Fireman: A Fahrenheit 451 Fanfiction

Remembering Christmas: A Gift of the Magi fanfiction

Della sat back on her heels and surveyed the tree. The servants had found an enormous one this year. Its candle-laden boughs nearly brushed the ceiling of the foyer. She stood, sighing. How different Christmas had become since that first one in their little flat, when Jim hadn’t had a pair of gloves and they cried together over their useless, heartfelt gifts. Della gently touched … Continue reading Remembering Christmas: A Gift of the Magi fanfiction

Lydia’s Perspective: A Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction

Lydia stared out the window. The London street below was bustling, but she saw none of it. Her hands, folded in her lap, twitched almost imperceptibly with growing panic. It had been two days since George came home, two days in which every drunken yell that flew down the street made her fly to the window. She knew where he was. Or at least, she … Continue reading Lydia’s Perspective: A Pride and Prejudice Fanfiction

Identifying First Editions

There are tons of reasons that people are drawn to secondhand bookstores – you never know, after all, what you might find among the shelves. At BookMarx, sometimes this means running across a first edition of a favorite story. Identifying first editions isn’t always straightforward. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the words “first edition” printed on the inside cover page, but it can be vastly … Continue reading Identifying First Editions

Author Profile: Angel M.

BookMarx is proud to introduce our customers to local author Angel M.!  Angel’s Works Pawper to Pedigree – The hilarious adventure of Marnie, a dog groomer who can hear what dogs are thinking. Along with her flamboyant cosmetologist and her cop boyfriend (who just happens to be the one who arrested her previous boyfriend), Marnie discovers a deeper purpose for her dog whisperer gift. The Keeper … Continue reading Author Profile: Angel M.

Black History Month at BookMarx

February is Black History Month, a time for us to acknowledge and thank the great members of the African-American community who have influenced our history. Some were political leaders. Others fought courageously during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Our black history section at BookMarx is newly organized and features some great books for February! Before Freedom, when I Just Can Remember, by Belinda Hurmence … Continue reading Black History Month at BookMarx