Author Profile: Angel M.

BookMarx is proud to introduce our customers to local author Angel M.! angelm

Angel’s Works


Pawper to Pedigree – The hilarious adventure of Marnie, a dog groomer who can hear what dogs are thinking. Along with her flamboyant cosmetologist and her cop boyfriend (who just happens to be the one who arrested her previous boyfriend), Marnie discovers a deeper purpose for her dog whisperer gift.


The Keeper – The Maze Series, Book One

The Keeper is the story of a hiker who wanders into an ancient maze that transports him to another world, where he is forced to do the thing he abhors in order to survive.

Underwater City – The Maze Series, Book Two

The characters find themselves in the underwater city of Jeritza, where they become immersed in the intrigue of the city and the fight against an army of cruel sea creatures who have one goal – to enslave human beings.

Angel lives in Ohio with her “hubster” and their schnauzer, Cracker. Come in today and get acquainted with this versatile writer’s works! You can find out more on Angel’s website or her Facebook page.


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