Studying Green at BookMarx


One of the great things we at BookMarx get to experience is being host to Franciscan students come to write papers, study for exams, or go through class notes. We love to provide them with a comfortable environment to do their schoolwork, because we know how important it is to have a good place to study.

Something that may be just as helpful for your concentration as that cup of coffee, though, are the plants around the store.

What’s the connection? Some studies have shown that having plants around increases attentiveness, memory ability, and productivity, and can even make it easier to avoid mistakes. Plants have physical benefits as well, such as lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress.

It’s all about how people perceive their surroundings. Plants make a space more engaging and even reduce distracting noise, making a more interactive and serene environment.

According to The Scientific Americanone reason plants may help us concentrate is because they allow us to use undirected attention, in which our concentration can wander freely from point to point. This is the opposite of directed attention, in which we focus exclusively on one thing — the sort of attention we need for studying. Having plants around gives that directed attention a much-needed break from time to time!

In case you’re wondering how to improve your own study environment, here’s a list of some great indoor plants:





Mother-in-law’s tongue

Rabbit’s ear

Alternatively, stop by BookMarx for a cup of coffee, a quiet corner, and plants galore!


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