Raven’s Journey

by Vicky Alfred

It was as though it was meant to be. The bookstore owner’s cat was having kittens. One of them, they decided, would eventually live at the bookstore.

Every bookstore needs a cat; something in the universe had divined it so. Nonetheless, it was not to be. The kittens did not survive.

So, the bookstore went on as it had, selling books, and hosting different groups that gathered there each week. Still, the bookstore was not complete, because, as we all know, the universe cannot be denied. And so it happened that one day someone opened the door and a young black kitten a few months old, skin and bones, strolled in without hesitation, as if to say:

“Have you been waiting for me a long time? I got here as soon as I could, but it was a perilous trip.”

There was much celebration over her arrival, a contest for her name, a diamond collar for her neck.

Raven had come home and the universe was in sync once more. And all was well with the world.

At least in this little part of the world and in this little bookstore.


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