The Bookstore

by Irene Tsapis

It was raining and I had nowhere to go. My mother had cared for me but curiosity drove me to investigate the neighborhood and I got lost. I was wet, cold and hungry, pausing in one doorway after another to get out of the rain. I stopped to look in a store window where there were a lot of books and a couch and chairs.

A bell rang as someone came out of the store and I slipped in out of the rain. It was warm and dry. I looked around – so many books! The clerk was kind enough to offer me a drink. I sat on the couch and fell asleep from exhaustion. It was late in the afternoon when I awakened.

I hid in the book stacks when closing time came. The next morning, I sat at the window and watched people come and go but decided I was not going out again. This was a safe place with kind and smiling faces.

The clerk was surprised to see me but I was all dry and looked a lot better.

She smiled and asked, “Nowhere to stay? What’s your name?”

“Raven,” I purred, “and I’m here to stay, OK?”

I don’t own the bookstore but I am a part of it, greeting people who come in and playing with those who relax on the couch and chairs. They, in turn, pet me and give me treats. What more can a cat ask for?

Meow from Raven.

This writer submission is about our feline store companion, Raven! To meet Raven for a chin scratch and some coffee, come join us at Bookmarx. 


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